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What payment methods do you support?
We support most popular payment methods including E-wallet, local credit card, online/offline bank transfer, prepaid card, cash, SMS, etc
What countries do you cover?
We now cover most of countries and regions, like Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa, South East, etc.
Can I use Payssion if I do not have a website?
Thats fine, you can use our hosted payment page if you don't have a website.
Do you have chargeback?
Most our payment methods doesn't support chargeback, however, there is chargeback risk for some local credit cards.
Whats your pricing?
There is no setup fee, monthly fee or any other hidden fees. We only charge a transaction fee when you are paid. Regarding the pricing for different local payment methods, please contact our sales for details.
What's your settlement period?
Our settlement is flexiable, and you can request payouts anytime. Please contact us for the settlement details.
How can I receive my payout?
We can pay you via bank wire transfer, webmoney and more payout options will be added soon.
Why is my settlement delayed?
The settlement may be put on hold for a specific amount of time in the event of any termination or we find that you have stopped processing payments or your account balance is low. This is to cover any possible disputes or chargebacks the users may file.
How can I integrate payssion?
You can choose to our API, HTTP Form, mobile SDK or use Payssion Plugins for shopping cart system. Please refer to the document page to find the details.